WooCommerce HTML5 Video 1.5.0

The WooCommerce HTML5 Video plugin in its latest version 1.5.0, besides linking videos from the multimedia section to products of WooCommerce stores, allows you to upload unlimited videos from your computer to each product. Another new feature is that you can now add unlimited embedded codes, so it is possible to associate products in online stores with videos from sites like youtube or vimeo without being limited by a maximum number of videos per product.

After the installation of WooCommerce HTML5 Video in the WordPress site, the tab “video” will appear in the settings of each product, then click on the “Add” button.

Step 1: Add a video to the product

In this tab, it is possible to choose between 2 options: using embedded code or selecting a video from the WordPress media. Using the second option and clicking on the button “Upload video” will display the window dialog to upload videos to the WordPress media. After uploading the video, clicking on “Select URL” will attach the video to the product.

Step 2: Select a video from the media section

When the product has been saved, the visitors of the online store will see the video attached to the product in the tab “Video” with video players for each video that you inserted.

Step 2: Select a video from the media section

Please visit the FAQ for any question.

Documentation of version 1.3.2 is available here.

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