Improve planning phase of web projects with TimeChart

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Common problems in any kind of projects are unfulfilled deadlines, cost overruns and delays in delivery dates. In web projects, one cause of these problems are bad estimates of times on the planning phase. The Webilop team is creating a tool to help resolve these problems through creating better estimates of time. TimeChart   TimeChart is an extension for project management systems that allows its users to improve the planning phase of web projects, in general, it could be used to improve the planning phase of any kind of projects. TimeChart is a tool to crate time reports of ongoing projects and projects completed in the past. TimeChart users can analyze the performance in past projects and then take better decisions in the planning phase of future projects. The beta version of TimeChart allows to create four different time reports and at the moment, it only supports Teamwork and Planbox, two of the most used project management systems. With TimeChart reports, users can review the current status of ongoing projects and know if the project will be finished on time. Also, users can know the amount of time spent on projects and on each task of projects. TimeChart reports also allows to compare the time estimated at the beginning for each task against the time really spent to complete the task. Additionally, users can analyze the workload of their work team in each project, in this way, users can distribute tasks efficiently to avoid people with overhead or people with few workload. TimeChart is free and users just need to request for an invitation through its website:  

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