jqPlot: An alternative to Google charts for the generation of statistic charts

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In several times, we need to display statistic data in a graphic way for the visitors of our web projects. The libraries based on JavaScript allows a better interaction between the charts and the visitors. You can find a lot of alternatives in the market, some of them are free. Google Charts is one of the most common libraries used due to the big amount of chart types, their designs, their functionalities and to the documentation of its API. However, Google Charts is not the unique good and free option and there are other alternatives for the generation of these charts.

jqPlot is an excellent library for the generation of statistic charts. This library is based on jQuery framework, it is open source and you can use it for free using the license GPL2 or MIT. jqPlot has a wide variety of charts, from simple point charts to more complex charts like pyramid charts.


Additionally to the wide variety of charts that jqPlot has, it is possible to customize their colors, fonts and styles. This allows to adapt the charts to the styles of the website to maintain the consistency of the global design.

jqPlot doesn’t have a very completed documentation but the amount of examples and the participation of different developers who use it in their projects, allows to use it easily. More information about this alternative can be found in the official website of jqPlot.


If you’re looking for more alternatives to Google’s various software, this guide does a great job at highlighting all the different options.

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