Libgdx: an excellent framework for video games development.

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LibGDX is a multiplatform framework that works in Java. It abstracts each functionality in order to provide a simple api to create your video game and easily export the code for Android, iOS, html5, Windows and Linux. This helps you save a lot of development time since you don’t have to learn different apis or languages for the game to work in all the platforms.

LibGDX is not a graphic motor like Unity or Unrealengine, it is a framework that provides the minimum tools to create a video game without no need to worry about each platforms’ behavior. You have total freedom when creating your game and you can use the LibGDX libraries such as scene2d or box2d for collisions, events, rendering, etc. Or if you don’t like these libraries, you can implement them based on your needs.

This excellent framework does not force you to work in a specific way or to use a specific architecture, it gives you the tools to create your video game anyway you want and supporting all the platforms and operating systems. Nevertheless, you can also create your code for a specific platform if necessary.

video-games-developersThe most important features that LibGDX has to offer are:

  • Multiplatform development for Windows, Linux, iOS, Adroid, and html5.
  • Use of openGL 1.0 and 2.0 for all the platforms.
  • Implementation of libraries such as:
    • textures
    • shaders
    • sprites
    • bitmap fonts
    • particles systems
    • audio
    • files management
    • physical handling
    • system to capture users’ input, like finger dragging in Android
    • mathematics library
    • currently a 3d library is being created, it is under development but can be used
    • you can add externallibraries to maximize functionalities, such as swarm, a library for social games.
  • It is a free framework that uses the Apache 2 license to work with it and the creative commons 3 license for the developed video games.

The LibGDX framework is an active project and has a big community, where you can find useful information and solve your questions easily.  In the near future, more upgrades will be developed, which will improve the framework providing more functionalities like the 3d rendering.

If you are a video games developer or want to learn about games development, take a look at this amazing framework at their official page:

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