What is the cost of the plugin?

WooCommerce HTML5 Video is free and its code is under the license GPLv2.

Which are the formats supported?

The plugin is based on HTML5 and it supports ogg and mp4.

Why doesn’t the plugin support the format webm?

Although the plugin is based on HTML5, WordPress has a security restriction to upload videos using the format webm to the media. The support of this format has been deactivated in the plugin due to this restriction.

I cannot see the video in the frontend.

Make sure your browser supports HTML5 video. A list of browsers that have this feature can be found at http://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_video.asp

How many videos can I use in a product?

The current version of WooCommerce HTML5 Video allows to attach multiple embedded videos per product and only one video selected from the media. Next versions will allow to attach multiple videos selected from the media in a product.

Where can I report bugs?

Please, contact us through the email support@webilop.com with the details of the problem.

How can I contribute with the plugin?

If you have some idea or suggestion, don’t hesitate into contact us at support@webilop.com