TimeChart beta version has arrived

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Beta TimeChart

The Webilop’s team has been working in an extension for project management systems(like TeamWork) that allows to improve the process of planning of projects and the their development. We have launched the beta version of TimeChart and it is now available for sign up.

TimeChart is a tool to create reports of project status and statistics about the performance in the development of the tasks of projects. In this way, it is possible to take better decisions to finish a project and to improve the planning phase of future projects and tasks.

TimeChart can review the status of projects and show if a project can be completed on time based on the time estimated and the due dates of the uncompleted tasks of the project. It is using this report that you can know the status of projects to take right decisions and avoid exceeding deadlines.

You can compare the time estimated of tasks during the planning phase of a project with the real time used to complete them. Thus, you can do better decisions and more accurate estimations of time for future projects and tasks.

TimeChart also provide an utility to help you to balance the workload between the members of workteam. You can review the workteam’s time availability and also if somebody is overweight with workload.

Sign up for the TimeChart beta version, check its features and send us your feedback, we would appreciate it.

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